The Ones Who Come Back Hungry

Amelinda Bérubé (Author)
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Product Type: Paperback Books
Age Groups: Ages 16 to 18

Let The Right One In meets Wilder Girls in Bram Stoker-nominated horror novelist Amelinda Bérubé’s latest novel, an unsettling and atmospheric vampire story about a girl whose beloved sister comes back to life, and the hunger that haunts them both.

After the sudden death of her popular, athletic older sister, sixteen-year-old Jo fears her shattered family may never recover from the loss of their golden girl. But three days after crying at Audrey's graveside, Jo stumbles on the impossible: Audrey, standing barefoot in the backyard, real and solid with the quilt they buried her in wrapped around her shoulders. Except... Audrey isn't breathing, she's still marred with the evidence of an autopsy, and she's decaying rapidly, even in the winter freeze. Worst of all, Audrey is hungry, and only human blood, willingly given, can curb her relentless appetite.

Jo is determined to rise to the occasion; she hides Audrey in the garden shed and sustains her with her own blood, taking on the responsibility of finding answers to what brought Audrey back to them and how to keep her. When her search takes her to her sister's grieving inner circle of friends, Jo finds herself drawn into their fold—and to Audrey's boyfriend, Sam, who has taken Audrey's death especially hard.

As Jo slips further into her sister's old life, Audrey's hunger and jealousy grow insatiable. Struggling to meet her sister's increasing demands, protect her parents, navigate her fracturing friendship, and indulge her growing infatuation with Sam, Jo will be forced to decide which of her loved ones she needs the most—and which she's willing to sacrifice to save them.

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ISBN 9781728290607
Language English
Page Count 368
Product Type Paperback Books
Book Type Young Adult Novels
Primary Contributor Amelinda Bérubé
Age Groups Ages 16 to 18
Publisher Sourcebooks Fire