First Book Marketplace Help

What is the First Book Marketplace?

The First Book Marketplace is a site where brand-new books and educational resources are available, exclusively for programs and educators serving kids in need, at 50-90% below retail price.  The First Book Marketplace offers thousands of affordable, high-quality books and educational resources for ages 0-18. To place an order on the First Book Marketplace, you must be registered with First Book.  If you are serving kids in need you can create a free account anytime at

Why can’t everyone purchase from First Book?

Books on the First Book Marketplace are not available to the general public because First Book's mission is to provide books and resources to children from low-income families. Publishers sell books and resources to First Book with the express knowledge that they will only be provided to organizations serving children who meet our eligibility criteria.

First Book only serves established programs and schools.  We encourage individuals and families who are interested in First Book’s resources to bring our information to eligible programs and schools your child is attending and encourage them to sign up. For more information about our eligibility and registration please visit

Does First Book offer funding for books and resources?

While First Book is not able to provide funding for every school or program in our network, there are several opportunities for funding support available.

-Many of our corporate and non-profit partners fund special opportunities throughout the year that offer funding support to schools and programs within the scope of that project (for example, schools in New York City, second grade teachers, or summer feeding sites, etc.). You will be notified via email if you are eligible to participate in any of these programs.

-Empower your community to help bring more brand new books and resources to the children you serve by starting a Virtual Book Drive! This free online fundraising tool makes it easy for you to share your story with your network, and ask for their support of your organization, classroom, or program. Become a champion by clicking here.

-First Book also offers an opportunity for you to share your story and the need for books and resources in your community through our Book Wish program. Click here to complete the simple application for a chance to be awarded a $250 gift credit to the First Book Marketplace. Honorees will be selected on a quarterly basis.

How much is shipping?

All orders of $75 or more include shipping to the U.S. 50 states and the District of Colombia. Orders that are below $75 ship for a flat fee of $7.50. Please contact us to discuss shipping fees for Puerto Rico and other U.S. Territories.

If any delivery is unsuccessful due to costumer error, a delivery surcharge will be assessed before the Marketplace can re-ship the order. Customer error includes, but is not limited to: providing an incorrect shipping address, providing a Post Office Box as a shipping address, or providing a shipping address that is not available during normal business hours.

When can I expect my books?

An order will generally arrive between 8 to 14 business days from the time First Book receives payment for your order. You can access the tracking information for your order as soon as it is shipped from the My Dashboard area of your First Book Marketplace account.

You can expedite your order by calling First Book immediately after placing your order.  There will be an extra charge per item to expedite the order.

Be aware that your order may arrive in multiple shipments. Some items ship directly from the publishing companies and may take an additional two weeks to arrive. For further shipping details about specific items please call First Book.

What payment methods are accepted?

The following payment options are available:

  • Grants – Many of our partners provide grants to local organizations to purchase books on the First Book Marketplace. If you have received a grant, you will be notified via email and information about your grant will be listed in the My Dashboard area of your account after you log in.
  • Credit Card – First Book Marketplace accepts Visa and MasterCard
  • Check – Please note that your order will not ship until after payment is received. Please include your order number on the check for faster processing.
  • Purchase Order – Legally binding purchase orders are accepted. Your order will ship once First Book receives and approves a signed copy of the purchase order.
  • If you are paying for your order with a promotion code, please see the section concerning promo codes.

I chose purchase order as my payment method but where do I send it?

You may email a signed copy of your purchase order to, or you may fax a signed copy of your purchase order to 1-855-888-3982.

How do I apply a grant to my order?

If your program has an available grant to use, you can apply it to your order in the ‘My Shopping Cart’ area of your Marketplace account. You can apply the grant from this page by:

  • Scrolling to the bottom of the page where your grand total is displayed.
  • Before proceeding to checkout look over to the word “Grants.”
  • Select the grant you wish to use from the drop down menu.
  • Enter the amount of the grand total in the field that indicates “Amount”
  • Click the blue button that says “Add Grant”
  • If your grant does not cover the full amount of your order, you will need to provide a payment method to cover the balance.

When proceeding through checkout you will know if your grant has been successfully applied because you will get a payment method option that says “No Payment Information Required.” Keep proceeding to confirm your order! (Note: you will also receive an option to “Add/Remove” grant but do not click this as you will continually be brought back to the checkout page since your grant has already been applied to your order). Once you have confirmed your order, you will immediately receive a confirmation email.

How do I add a promotion code to my order?

Our partners often provide funds for promotions to specific audiences. If you have a promotion code and would like to apply it towards your order, you will need to go to the ‘My Shopping Cart” area of your Marketplace account before proceeding to checkout

After reviewing your shopping cart, scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see the words “Promotion Codes”. Enter the promotion code in this field and the click the blue button that says ‘Apply Code’.

You can only use one promotion code per order. If you have two promotion codes you’d like to use you will need to place two separate orders.

Why isn't my promotion code working?

There are multiple reasons why a promotion code might not work, these include, but are not limited to:

  • The code has already reached the maximum number of uses. Many of our promotion codes operate on a first come, first serve basis.
  • The code is for a specific selection of books. If you received an email notifying you of the promotion with a link to a specific collection or page of books, the code might only be valid for the collection or books that are found on that page.
  • The code has expired. Some of our promotions are only available for a specific amount of time.

If you have additional questions as to why your promotion code is not working, we encourage you to contact us and we will be happy to provide more details.

I’m in my shopping cart and ready to checkout but it won’t let me proceed to the checkout…Help!

If you are unable to proceed to checkout, please first refer to any error messages in red that may appear at the top of your screen and make the recommended adjustments to your order.  Additionally, you will not be able to proceed to checkout if your cart contains books or resources that are out of stock or no longer available in the quantities you requested.  If this occurs, information related to quantity or availability will be listed underneath the individual title or resource in question. Please review and adjust quantities as needed. If you have followed these steps and are still unable to checkout, please contact our team.

How do I order a supplemental resource or downloadable product? Where can I access these orders after checkout?

Some titles on the First Book Marketplace feature Supplemental Resources (tip sheets, study guides, etc.) to help enhance and support the reading or learning experience. If a book features a Supplemental Resource, it will be visible from the book’s information page on the top right of the screen (please note not all books feature Supplemental Resources). 

Each Supplemental Resource can be added to your shopping cart for free and will be available to download after your order is complete. Supplemental Resources are NOT shipped. After your order is placed, you can access these resources via links in your order confirmation email (click on “download”). 

Once ordered, Supplemental Resources are also always available for download via your First Book Marketplace account dashboard.  To download via your dashboard, simply log in to the First Book Marketplace and click on My Dashboard in blue at the top of your screen.  On your My Dashboard screen, click on “My Downloadable Products” in red near the top of the screen and you will see a full list of your downloadable resources. 

What is the return policy?

In order to offer books at significant discounts exclusively to programs serving children from low-income families, the First Book Marketplace does not accept returns. We encourage customers to research titles before purchasing them, for instance by entering the book information that we provide (title, author, ISBN) into an online search engine for descriptions and reviews. Please also review the quantity of each title in your shopping cart prior to checking out, as some titles are sold in carton quantities only. If you have questions about a specific book, please contact us before you place your order. All sales are final.

Can books be resold?

No. Books purchased through the First Book Marketplace may not be resold or used for fundraising purposes. Violators of this policy may lose access to their First Book account.

Why was I charged sales tax on my order?

By default, we collect state sales tax on orders placed by organizations in Arkansas, DC, Hawaii, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Virginia. If your organization is located in one of these states and is exempt from state sales tax please contact us. We will work with you individually to process your order without sales tax.

How can I find a copy of my invoice?

You can find a copy of your invoice by going to the My Dashboard area of the Marketplace.

Invoices will be found under the “Recent Orders” section, just click on the “View Order” link next to the order that you would like the invoice for. On the next page you will find yourself on the “Order Information” tab, simply click on the tab marked “Invoices” to find the invoice for the order. By the section titled “INVOICE #” you will find an option to print your invoice.

I am looking for a specific title. How do I find it?

If you are looking to locate a specific title or product, you may enter it in the Search field (visible from the homepage or on the right column of your screen while shopping). Please be as specific as possible and ensure all search terms are spelled correctly. To narrow your search further, click on “Advanced Search” to the right of the Search bar. In Advanced Search you will be able to enter more information about your product of interest, including language, age range, ISBN, etc.  Still can’t find what you are looking for?  Give our team a call!

Will my shopping cart be saved?

If you are logged in to the First Book Marketplace then your shopping cart will be saved by the Marketplace for 30 days. It will be available to you the next time you login – even if you login from a different computer. If you wish to save a list of items for a longer period of time you can add items to your wish list. Be advised that adding an item to your shopping cart or wish list does not reserve the item and it is possible that it could go out of stock. Items are not reserved until your order is placed. You can only have one shopping cart at a time.

Where are the free books?

First Book offers two main resource channels to help you get affordable, brand new books and resources to the kids you serve. The First Book Marketplace has more than 5,000 titles, plus a variety of nonbook resources, available 24/7 at 50%-90% less than retail price. The First Book National Book Bank distributes brand new, donated books to programs and schools all around the country. Books through the First Book National Book Bank are always free, and shipping and handling ranges from $0.55 to $0.75 per book. Members of the First Book network are notified via email each time a Book Bank opportunity opens up. Not signed up yet? Click here to join!

I saw a specific title on the site that I wanted to order last week but it’s no longer available. Will you be getting this title back anytime soon?

The products that you see on the First Book Marketplace reflect our entire available inventory at this point in time. We are not able to guarantee that a specific title or item will be back in stock as we make room for newer titles.

If you have any questions about specific titles, or would like to find out if we are in the process of re-ordering them, contact us. For more information on requesting a title be added to the First Book Marketplace, click here.

I want a specific book, and I cannot find it anywhere. Will you be getting that title?

We cannot guarantee the availability of any specific titles, however, we invite you to submit a title request form, so that we can look in to making your title of interest available on the First Book Marketplace sometime in the future. Click here to access the Title Request Form.

Can I request a large quantity of a specific title?

If you are interested in purchasing a large quantity of a specific title or product (1,000 copies or more of the same item), please complete this form and we will contact you about your request.

How can I update my account information?

You can update your account information by logging in to your account here. You can also log in by visiting The link to the log in area is in the top right hand corner, “Recipient Group Login”. Log in by using the same username and password as you would to log in to the First Book Marketplace website.

Who can I contact for additional help?

For assistance please contact the First Book Help Team

  • Call us at (866) READ-NOW or (866) 732-3669 from Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm Eastern Time (except for major holidays)
  • Send an email to