Tales from the House of Bunnicula: Invasion of the Mind Swappers from Asteroid 6!

James Howe (Author) Brett Helquist ()
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Product Type: Hardcover Books
Age Groups: Ages 7 to 9, Ages 10 to 12

Dear possible reader of this book,

After I wrote my first book, It Came from Beneath the Bed!, my editor asked me to write another one. (Another one! This is hard work! I'd like to see him write another one!) So anyway...in this book the lovable and smart (not to mention talented) wirehaired dachshund puppy named Howie and his friend, the beautiful and brilliant Delilah, face their biggest challenge yet: the Mind Swappers from Asteroid 6! Along the way Delilah gets turned into a squirrel and has to beg for acorns. (Hey, don't ask me! Read the book!)

Your friend,


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ISBN 9780689839498
Language English
Lexile ® Measure 590L
Product Type Hardcover Books
Additional Contributor Brett Helquist
Primary Contributor James Howe
Age Groups Ages 7 to 9, Ages 10 to 12
Publisher Simon & Schuster, Inc.