Science Comics: Elephants: Living Large

Jason Viola (Author) Falynn Koch (Illustrator)
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Product Type: Paperback Books
Age Groups: Ages 7 to 9, Ages 10 to 12

Have you herd? Science Comics: Elephants is the next volume in First Second's middle-grade nonfiction STEM series!

There’s a lot to love about elephants—from their massive size and floppy ears to their twisting trunks and long tusks! And the more you get to know about their clever minds and caring hearts, the more you realize humans and elephants have much in common!

In this volume of Science Comics, we follow an eight-year-old elephant named Duni. Her family means everything to her: protection, stability, wisdom, and a ton of fun. But her idyllic life is beginning to shift and crack. The herd’s matriarch is getting older, her brother has been wandering off, and rifts are forming between the ones she loves most. Is Duni's family on the verge of falling apart?

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SKU 142149
ISBN 9781250265913
Language English
Page Count 128
Product Type Paperback Books
Book Type Graphic Novels & Comics
Additional Contributor Falynn Koch
Primary Contributor Jason Viola
Age Groups Ages 7 to 9, Ages 10 to 12
Publisher First Second