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Product Type: Digital Resources
Age Groups: Ages 16 to 18

Open eBooks is a FREE eBook library that contains a rotating catalog of thousands of popular, award-winning eBook titles! Students and families can access Open eBooks at home or on-the-go through a free app (available on Apple or Android devices) or through a web browser on their computer or Chromebook.

The Open eBooks High School Collection contains age-appropriate titles for students in Grades 9 - 12. Please note: the High School Collection may contain titles with mature content.

Order 1 access code/PIN per student (set the quantity in your cart to the number of students you serve). Each student will need their own unique access code/PIN to log in Open eBooks. Limit 500 per order. After you place your order, we'll send you an email with your access codes/PINs.

Important Information About Ordering Open eBooks:

  • Order 1 Open eBooks Collection for each student. Each student will need their own unique code/PIN combination. When adding an Open eBooks collection to your cart, set the quantity to the number of students you serve.
  • Open eBooks access codes/PINs are limited to 500 per order. If you serve more than 500 students, you’re welcome to place multiple orders.
  • Technical Requirements: The Open eBooks app is available for download on both iOS and Android platforms. The app requires a minimum of iOS 10 or Android 6. Android devices that have a version lower than Android 6 may not be able to see Open eBooks in the Google Play Store. Open eBooks on Web ( can be accessed via Chromebooks, laptops, or desktop computers, and on other devices where you can’t download a mobile app.
  • Where you can find your access codes/PINs: After you place your order, we’ll send you an email with your access codes/PINs. Please allow a few hours to receive your email with access codes/PINs (especially for large orders) and be sure to double check your junk/spam folder in case the email landed there. You can also view your Open eBooks access codes/PINs under the Orders screen in your First Book Account Dashboard.
  • Sharing access codes/PINs with students and families: To help you share Open eBooks access codes/PINs with students and families, we’ve created a downloadable Get Started Letter template in English and Spanish. The letter includes instructions on how to access Open eBooks (via the free Apple/Android app or Open eBooks on Web), log in, and get started.

Check out the Open eBooks FAQs for more information.


Open eBooks is supported by a coalition of literacy, library, publishing and technology partners: founding nonprofit partners The New York Public Library, and First Book; and content support provided by digital books distributor Baker & Taylor. This effort is made possible by generous commitments of publishers launched with funding provided in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

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