Julep O' Toole: Miss Independent (Julep O'Toole)

Trudi Trueit (Author)
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Product Type: Hardcover Books
Age Groups: Ages 7 to 9, Ages 10 to 12

Julep OToole feels grown up. Shes eleven, after all, and ready to be independent! Now she just has to convince her mom that shes old enough to wear makeup, have a cell phone, choose her own clothes, and make decisions about everything else in her life. After all, her mom lets Juleps older sister, Harmony, do all these things. But just when Julep thinks her mom is finally starting to listen to her, a disastrous shopping trip stops everything. Now Julep and her mom are not even speaking! Will Julep ever be understood and finally have the chance to be herself?

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ISBN 9780525476375
Language English
Lexile ® Measure NA
Product Type Hardcover Books
Primary Contributor Trudi Trueit
Age Groups Ages 7 to 9, Ages 10 to 12
Publisher Penguin Random House