How to Be Brave

Daisy May Johnson (Author)
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Product Type: Hardcover Books
Age Groups: Ages 7 to 9, Ages 10 to 12

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A delightfully zany yet heartwarming middle-grade novel about a young girl who bands together with her boarding school friends to find her missing mother.

Calla North and her mother Elizabeth live a quiet but happy life together. Elizabeth, often absentminded and disorganized, happens to be the world's leading expert on ducks. But unfortunately, being an expert on ducks doesn't always pay the bills (no pun intended), and Calla and her mom regularly struggle to get by.

When Elizabeth is offered a well-paid trip to the Amazon to research a rare breed of duck, it's an opportunity too good to miss. But it means that Calla must be sent to boarding school: the very same convent school where Elizabeth found herself when she was orphaned many years ago. Upon her arrival, Calla learns that much has changed since her mother's days as a student, and her mother's old nemesis and rival duck-researcher, Magda DeWitt, is now in charge. And then Calla receives terrible news: Her mother's plane has gone missing.

Can Calla, her new friends and a motley crew of resourceful nuns outwit the dastardly new headmistress and find Elizabeth’s plane before it’s too late?

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SKU 143283
ISBN 9781250796080
Language English
Lexile ® Measure 880L
Page Count 288
Product Type Hardcover Books
Book Type Middle Grade Novels
Primary Contributor Daisy May Johnson
Age Groups Ages 7 to 9, Ages 10 to 12
Publisher Henry Holt Books for Young Readers