How Many Cats?

Lauren Thompson (Author) Robin Eley ()
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Product Type: Hardcover Books
Age Groups: Ages 4 to 6, Ages 7 to 9

Whats a cat to do when left all alone at home? Why, invite the neighborhood cats over, of course! A quiet afternoon for one quickly becomes a party for twenty.

Lauren Thompsons clever verse will guide young listeners to count from one to twenty and back again, introducing them to early math skills along the way. Kids will have a blast following their favorite felines as they rush and roam through Robin Eleys vivid and playful illustrations.

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ISBN 9781423108016
Language English
Lexile ® Measure NA
Product Type Hardcover Books
Additional Contributor Robin Eley
Primary Contributor Lauren Thompson
Age Groups Ages 4 to 6, Ages 7 to 9
Publisher Little, Brown Book Group