History Maker Bios: Ferdinand Magellan

Elaine Landau (Author)
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Napoleon Bonaparte, a legendary military genius and master politician, led the French Republic army to several victories over monarchy forces following the French Revolution and rose to power as Frances leader. In 1804, having gained control of lands beyond French borders, the 35-year-old general crowned himself Emperor Napoleon I. By 1805 Napoleon controlled much of Europe. Yet in his quest of absolute power, he pushed his troops too far. During his invasion of Russia in 1812, more than 500,000 soldiers died. His defeat in the Battle of Waterloo in marked the end of his domination. Exiled to a far-off island, Napoleon spent the last years of his life as a prisoner and died in 1821. Ambitious, courageous, and deeply flawed, Napoleon is one of historys most captivating figures.

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Age Groups Ages 7 to 9, Ages 10 to 12
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