Carter Finally Gets It

Brent Crawford (Author)
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Product Type: Paperback Books
Age Groups: Ages 13 to 15, Ages 16 to 18
Join Will Carter for his freshman year, when hell search for sex, love, and acceptance anywhere he can find it. In the process, ... (see details)

Meet Will Carter, but feel free to call him Carter. (Yes, he knows it's a lazy nickname, but he didn't have much say in the matter.)

Here are five things you should know about him:

1. He has a stuttering problem, particularly around boobs and belly buttons.

2. He battles Attention Deficit Disorder every minute of every day...unless he gets distracted.

3. He's a virgin, mostly because he's no good at talking to girls (see number 1).

4. He's about to start high school.

5. He's totally not ready.

Join Carter for his freshman year, where he'll search for sex, love, and acceptance anywhere he can find it. In the process, he'll almost kill a trombone player, face off with his greatest nemesis, suffer a lot of blood loss, narrowly escape death, run from the cops (not once, but twice), get caught up in a messy love triangle, meet his match in the form of a curvy drill teamer, and surprise the hell out of everyone, including himself.

PLEASE NOTE: Young Adult titles may contain controversial themes, mature content, and/or profanity.  Some teachers specifically request these titles because they know their students are wrestling with these topics, while others choose not to incorporate these materials.  Please review each title carefully before selecting it.

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ISBN 9781423112471
Language English
Lexile ® Measure 750L
Product Type Paperback Books
Primary Contributor Brent Crawford
Age Groups Ages 13 to 15, Ages 16 to 18
Publisher Little, Brown Book Group