Ballots for Belva: True Story of a Woman's Race for the Presidency

Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen (Author) Courtney E. Martin ()
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The True Story of a Belva Lockwood's Race for the Presidency

In 1884, when men were the only people allowed to vote in national elections, Belva Lockwood took a bold but legal step: She ran for president! Women did not have the same rights as men, but Belva went on undeterred—and she got votes! Her run for office was based on experience and merit: Unlike many women of the time, she went to college, then to law school, and even argued cases before the Supreme Court. Though her campaign was difficult, Belva never wavered in her commitment to equality, earning the respect of many fellow citizens. A little-known but richly deserving American historical figure, Belva is an inspiration for modern-day readers. Despite all the changes in society since Belva's time, there is still a lot to fight for, and Belva shows the way. The book also includes a glossary and a timeline of womens suffrage events.

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Age Groups Ages 4 to 6, Ages 7 to 9
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