Anne Geddes (Author)
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Product Type: Board Books
Age Groups: Ages 0 to 3

As a part of Anne Geddes Childrens Board Book Collection, Animals is an appealing, colorful, and informative board book perfect for pre-school babies and toddlers.

Anne Geddes bright, fun images coupled with simple, clear design help very young children develop language skills using every childs favorite subject, animals. In a variation from most board books on this subject, a baby dressed as the particular animal represents each animal. Children love to look at babies and animals so what better combination. There are babies as bunnies, bears and tigers to name but a few. Anne Geddes unique and ever popular baby images make this a great, fun way to learn and a treat for baby and parent alike.

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SKU 266
ISBN 9781921652110
Language English
Lexile ® Measure NA
Product Type Board Books
Primary Contributor Anne Geddes
Age Groups Ages 0 to 3
Publisher Anne Geddes Publishing