A Thousand Steps into Night

Traci Chee (Author)
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Product Type: Hardcover Books
Age Groups: Ages 13 to 15, Ages 16 to 18

From New York Times best-selling author and National Book Award finalist Traci Chee comes a Japanese-inspired fantasy brimming with demons, romance, and plans gone awry.

In the realm of Awara, where gods, monsters, and men exist side by side, Miuko is simply an ordinary girl. But when Miuko is cursed and begins to turn into a blue demon whose touch is deadly, she must set off on an expedition in the hope of reversing the transformation. Aided by a thieving magpie and continuously thwarted by a demon prince, Miuko's journey through the mortal and the spiritual world is littered with burning temples, spirits, and towns being swallowed by the earth. But power is seductive for a girl who was once average, and she'll have to decide if saving her soul from shadows is worth blending into them once again.

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SKU 133657
ISBN 9780358469988
Language English
Page Count 384
Product Type Hardcover Books
Book Type Young Adult Novels
Primary Contributor Traci Chee
Age Groups Ages 13 to 15, Ages 16 to 18
Publisher Clarion Books