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The Stories for All Project

Through the Stories for All Project™ First Book strives to provide all kids with diverse books that act as mirrors and windows. Kids feel valued and validated when they see their own experiences reflected on the pages of books, and they develop curiosity and empathy when they read about experiences different from their own. To help your kids grow as both readers and global citizens, shop our ever-expanding selection of diverse books, many of which can be found in the sections featured below.

Announcing the 2015 First Book Stories for All Project™ Selections

We recently collaborated with the educators and program leaders we serve to choose an assortment of outstanding books that showcase diversity and deserve greater recognition. We worked with publishers to offer them for the first time in paperback, making them more affordable to you and the kids you serve. We are proud to introduce our six 2015 First Book Stories for All Project™ selections and hope you love them as much as we do!

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First Book wishes to thank our partners, Target, KPMG and Jet Blue for their support of the First Book Stories for All Project™.

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