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Thanks to generous support from Disney, First Book selected a group of books from our Latinx Characters & Cultures section and created accompanying tip sheets that promote social and emotional learning and growth.


While these resources were originally created to support those working with kids with special needs – for whom social and emotional challenges may be particularly tough – these tip sheets contain information and resources that are useful to all educators invested in helping their students foster positive social and emotional development.

First Book is grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with, who provided a group of experts to review each tip sheet, offering a helpful lens into the experience of kids with learning and attention issues. Many children with special needs struggle with learning and attention issues including reading, writing, math, organization and focus., a free resource created by 15 nonprofits, empowers parents and caregivers of children with learning and attention issues with personalized recommendations, daily access to experts, safe community and more. Learn more at


Looking for more books to help the kids you serve grow into responsible, caring and contributing citizens? Make sure you check out our Character Development section!


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1 Item(s)