Patience, Patches! (Carton of 24 Hardcover Books)

Christy Mihaly (Author) Sheryl Murray (Illustrator)
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Product Type: Hardcover Books
Age Groups: Ages 4 to 6

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A sweet-new sibling story, perfect for gifting to expecting parents, big siblings to-be, and dog-loving families everywhere.

Patches the puppy is very good at waiting—or at least that's what he thinks. But his patience is put to the test when his two moms arrive home with an unexpected bundle. Is it a new toy? No! It's a new baby. Suddenly, everything Patches wants to do takes a little bit longer. But patience, it turns out, is a lesson worth learning.

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SKU 436550
ISBN 9780593108291
Language English
Guided Reading Level K
Page Count 32
Product Type Hardcover Books
Book Type Picture Books
Additional Contributor Sheryl Murray
Primary Contributor Christy Mihaly
Age Groups Ages 4 to 6
Publisher Dial Books for Young Readers