Build the Change: Human Impact Course Pack

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Product Type: Digital Resources
Age Groups: Ages 7 to 9, Ages 10 to 12, Adult

This incredible FREE resource from the LEGO Group features lesson plans for five 45-minute classroom sessions, including presentations, videos, online polls and quizzes, printables, and so much more! Through this learning through play resource, students ages 7-12 will be introduced to the concept of our human impact on nature through the lens of "today's dinosaurs," birds. Topics include endangerment, extinction, and examples of positive and negative impact.

What is the Human Impact Course?

This 5-session course pack contains free learning through play materials designed by the LEGO Group's Sustainability team, in partnership with the Natural History Museum in London. With the course's downloadable resources, educators are empowered to guide learners ages 7-12 through hands-on activities as students learn about the challenge of turning our human impact on nature positive by creating solutions to challenges facing birds, "today's dinosaurs." No LEGO® bricks required!

What's in the Course Pack?

The free, downloadable Course Pack includes everything you need to run the Human Impact course with your students:

  • Lesson plans and supplemental materials for five 45-minute classroom sessions, including speaker's notes, polls, quizzes, animated videos, and a printable course journal. These can be spaced out to create anything from a days-long workshop to a months-long program of weekly lessons.
  • Instructions for hosting a "showcase day" event where children's creations and ideas are displayed.
  • Tips and tricks for tailoring the sessions for age and ability, plus ideas for connecting to curricula and involving local decision makers.
  • Background information for educators courtesy of the Natural History Museum.
  • Materials available in English and Spanish

How do I get my Course Pack?

Step 1: Add the FREE Human Impact Course Pack to your shopping cart and check out.

Step 2: You'll receive a confirmation email from First Book with a unique link and simple instructions to download the Course Pack PDF from All the course materials are linked through this PDF guide. Make sure you check your junk or spam folder if you don't see the email right away.

More Human Impact Resources

Human activity often has a negative impact on the health of the Earth and the many species that live here. First Book's Human Impact educator resource includes a brief history of human impact as well as activities that encourage students to identify the effects of human activity and propose sustainable solutions. Download the resource now.

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Product Type Digital Resources
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Age Groups Ages 7 to 9, Ages 10 to 12, Adult
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