Build the Change: Biodiversity and Climate Change Course Pack

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Age Groups: Ages 7 to 9, Ages 10 to 12, Adult

This incredible FREE resource from the LEGO Group features lesson plans for ten 45-minute classroom sessions, including presentations, videos, online polls and quizzes, printables, and so much more! Students ages 7-12 will gain hands-on knowledge about how climate affects a range of species as they create their own solutions to environmental challenges and debate and discuss their ideas.

What is the Biodiversity and Climate Change Course?

In this 10-session course, students ages 7-12 will learn about animals, their habitats, and how they are threatened by the effects of climate change. They will create imaginative solutions to these real-world challenges and share their ideas with others.

At the heart of the sessions are hands-on creative activities called "Time to Create." For creating the children's solutions and ideas, LEGO® Bricks can be used but are not required—you can use pen and paper, glue, string, clay, or any other creative materials you have available. Please note: LEGO Bricks are not included in this Course Pack.

What's in the Course Pack?

The free, downloadable Course Pack includes everything you need to run the Biodiversity and Climate Change course with your students:

  • Lesson plans and supplemental materials for ten 45-minute classroom sessions you can stack or mix and match.
  • Tips for adapting the sessions for curriculum, local relevance, and age/ability.
  • Facilitation tips and tricks for getting the best ideas out of kids.
  • Background information for educators on climate change and biodiversity, plus additional online resources.

How do I get my Course Pack?

Step 1: Add the FREE Biodiversity and Climate Change Course Pack to your shopping cart and check out.

Step 2: You'll receive a confirmation email from First Book with a unique link and simple instructions to download the Course Pack PDF from All the course materials are linked through this PDF guide. Make sure you check your junk or spam folder if you don't see the email right away.

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Traditionally, climate change has mostly been taught in Earth science classes in middle school and high school, and the top reason educators give for not teaching about climate change is that it is not related to subjects they teach. To support educators in meeting national and state standards and incorporating climate change education into a variety of subjects and settings, First Book created the Expanding Climate Change Education resource. Download the resource now.

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