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Social and Emotional Learning
Social and Emotional Learning teaches kids how to handle emotions, develop empathy and positive relationships, set goals, and make good decisions. Explore the sections featured here to find great resources to help your students succeed.

Books That Promote Character Development

Respect and EmpathyKindness and CompassionHonesty and IntegritySelf-EsteemSelf-Control
Resilience and PerseveranceLeadershipCourageResponsibilityResourcefulness
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Resources to Support Social & Emotional Learning

Collections of Books + Free Downloadable Resources

Healthy Feelings and RelationshipsReading Into CharacterSupport Students with Special Needs
Using Children's Books to Develop Social & Emotional LearningFree Trauma Toolkit

Creating Welcoming Schools and CommunitiesCreating Welcoming Schools and Communities

Share Stories That Encourage Empathy

Stories for All ProjectMaking a DifferenceBullying
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Social and Emotional Learning